The Three Disagrees

I go to a few pub jam sessions around the Marches, sometimes playing a few of my own songs and sometimes joining in with other people – which has led me to start picking some bluegrass and old-time Americana from time to time on guitar and dobro. So yesterday (Saturday 25th June) I met up with friends at the bluegrass picking weekend at the Baskerville Hotel in Clyro Court.

It was a mini-festival, really. I joined in a few jams around the campsite and in the hotel. In any gathering of musicians, I’m usually the only dobro player, and I get an encouraging response just for showing up with an uncommon instrument. While I was there, Mervyn and Francis of The Three Disagrees invited me to play dobro (and sometimes guitar) with their band, along with new bass player, Gill, making us (slightly confusingly) a quartet.

We’ve got a couple of bookings coming up: supporting Grace Petrie at the Folk in the Foyer event at The Conquest Theatre in Bromyard on Saturday 13th August (20 minute set – the online listing only mentions Francis, but in fact the rest of us in his band are also playing), and at the Lamb and Flag for the Worcester Music Festival on Friday 16th September (40 minute set).  It’s really nice to be a backing instrumentalist sometimes, without having to worry about holding the whole show together on my own!

The Three Disagrees


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