I offer acoustic guitar lessons in both fingerstyle and plectrum techniques to an advanced standard. I’m an Associate Member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and teach in and around Leominster, Herefordshire.

For students who wish to earn a qualification, I teach the RGT Acoustic Guitar syllabus up to Grade 8. The exams are administered by London College of Music, and Grades 6-8 provide points towards your UCAS score for university admission. It’s an excellent syllabus and will not only develop your technical skills as an instrumentalist, but will broaden and enrich your experience of music.

Of course, many guitar players have more casual goals, and that’s absolutely fine. I can teach you to accompany yourself and others, to create arrangements of the tunes you want to play, and even to compose your own guitar pieces and songs, if that’s your long-term ambition. It’s particularly rewarding for me to see a student develop his or her creativity.

Beginners picking up the instrument for the first time, guitarists who want to play just for fun, and more experienced players looking to expand their technical expertise are all equally welcome. If you’re looking for acoustic guitar tuition in or around Leominster, Hereford or Ludlow,  my contact details are: